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Fishing Gear

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Splash Drone 3 Auto -...

Splash Drone 3 Auto Waterproof Drone

1x set of quick detachable carbon fiber propeller , FPV radio controller,

1x set of landing gear, Carry case,

1x 5200mAh Battery, Balance charger,

Ground station-Bluetooth datalink module for Follow me,

4KGC a waterproof 4K camera and 2 axis gimbal modules

Price ZAR26,800.00

Splash Drone 3 'Fisherman'...


-1 x Splashdrone 3 aircraft ,

-1 x set of quick detachable carbon fiber propeller ,

-1 x FPV radio controller, -1 x set of landing gear,

-1 x Carry case,

-1 x 5200mAh Battery,

-1 x Balance charger,

-1 x Waterproof payload releaser with FPV camera.

Price ZAR22,800.00

Waterproof payload release(...

All SwellPrpo components are stunningly put together. See for yourself, this payload for example HD FPV gives you a much more precise release with live video feed. Your very own eagle eye.

Price ZAR2,480.00