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Zenmuse X5S

The DJI Zenmuse X5S is a 20.8MP Micro Four Thirds MFT camera and 3-axis gimbal for the DJI Inspire 2 drone. The camera is capable of capturing 5.2K 5280x2970 video at 30fps in 4.2Gbps RAW; and the MFT sensor in the camera is 8 times larger than the sensors used in the Phantom 2/3 and non-Pro/Raw Inspire 1 models. The larger sensor provides many advantages such as improved dynamic range, low light performance, improved colour accuracy and increased megapixels. The DJI Zenmuse X5S MFT camera currently supports 8 lenses and comes with a fast wide-angle 15mm f/1.7 prime lens.

Price ZAR40,000.00